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Designed for medical healthcare companies

Subject matter expertise

We have a long history of developing content specific to orthopaedic, general, and robotic surgery.

Business model innovation

With our VR ecosystem, we have a solution to develop, deploy, and scale VR surgical training globally; a perspective on how to accelerate VR penetration and adoption within your industry.

Shared vision and strategy

We have the ability to shape the digital ecosystem strategy of your company; with a clear perspective on how to integrate VR training with the other training/education modalities such as online learning, hands-on courses, surgical coaching, etc.

Instructional design expertise

Our content demonstrates an understanding and application of adult learning theory; evidence that our content goes beyond the “wow factor” and delivers against real learning objectives.

Strong track record of industry partnership

we have proven history of working with the medical device industry; an ability to navigate the complex regulatory and compliance environment (i.e, copy review).


Enhancing immersion: Mixed and Augmented Reality


Combining both VR and AR for the best immersion

Mixed Reality works best when there is a need to recreate haptic feedback. We have built several medical Mixed Reality simulators, where you can operate directly on a model and see what happens on screen.

Cost reduction

It is perfect for hands-on training and our customers expect a significant cost reduction for the use of wet or porcine labs.

Perfect pitch

Mixed reality is the best way to replicate the real thing, in a price-conscious way.


Enhanced Support

Closer to real-life training, AR enhances the learning experience, the visual presentation, and becomes a fantastic visualization tool anchored in the real world.

Evolving Market

Our pixelmolkerei techies constantly try out the latest AR devices and build new prototypes. Every hardware generation delivers greater possibilities, and we make it our expertise to keep up with this evolution.

Since the beginning

We stand ready to support any AR device that comes out, and we go back as far as the first Microsoft HoloLens


Train your experts


All companies have in-house applications to improve their workflow and efficiency. No matter how specific your problem is, we will find a solution tailored to your needs.

We speak your language

Our programmers can replicate the original software from your hospital machinery equipment and shrink it down to a portable simulator. Operate and train your experts on a tablet, mobile device, or through a browser. Your training device is always ready with the latest version of our software


3D Visualisation

Unique knowledge, unique design

Our deep understanding of the medical workflow allows us to handle your projects with ease, efficiency and precision. Our creative staff can incorporate a sleek art style into your corporate design to achieve a truly unique look

3D Animation

If an image is worth a thousand words, then a good animation makes these words unnecessary.

Our clients tap into our 3D expertise to set things in motion, and tell a narrative anyone can understand.


Full Service Production

Full Production

Our team specializes in producing video of live O.R. surgeries, testimonials, interviews, lectures and company in-house procedures. We handle booking actors and sets, as well as storyboards, subtitles, staffing, catering, editing, sound, and voice overs in multiple languages.

Post Production

A professional-looking video can enhance the way your message gets delivered. You can expect the highest quality of polish from our specialists.


360° View

Allround Recording

Look over a surgeon’s shoulder and follow every step of a surgical technique.

Stand in the middle of New York, or atop the tallest mountain in Switzerland, or on the beaches of Hawaii.

Your VR glasses also come with a high-quality audio system, bringing you an aural immersion as if you were there.


We have built up long term partnerships with

Our Partners

Our Clients

We seize every opportunity to develop long term partnership with our customers. We are working closely together with our customer’s experts (e.g. MD, Surgeons and Engineers) to deliver the best solutions.


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Proudly serving professional education and marketing departments since 2001.

pixelmolkerei is one of the world’s leading companies developing and producing high-end visualizations, virtual/augmented/mixed reality content in the medical field.

Our headquarter is located in Chur (Switzerland), our subsidiary Pixel Dairy Production Inc. is located in Montréal (Canada).

With us, our customers are a step ahead in the digital world.


We make your product come alive.


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    Our team is made of 3D artists, animators, riggers, game designers, coders, software developers, concept artists, creative director, technical director and administrative jugglers. We are always interested in hiring great talent.

  • Our Locations

    Would you like to work in the Swiss Alps at a company that’s been working on the cutting edge of medical 3D visualization since 2001? Or do you fancy to work in the big and vibrant city of Montréal in Canada. It’s your choice.

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    If you are skilled, passionate and would like to work with an adventurous dedicated team, please get in touch with us and let us see if we can find a way to grow our team.

    Send us a link to your portfolio and if we think you could be a match, then we will ask to see your resume and a cover letter!


    Unity Developer

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    Maya TD rigging & animation

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