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Great feedback for our VR professional education showcase at EFORT

High end Visualization meets serious gaming.

What a great feeling! Our customer presented three of our VR Products at the EFFORT*. One for Primary Total Knee System, Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement and a Tibial Nail coated with high concentrations of antibiotics into the implant’s surroundings to protect patients from bacterial colonization of the implant.

All kinds of international healthcare professionals were curious and not too shy to show their interest and excitement. They gave us great comments, such as: “There is no such quality yet at congresses.” “What product comes next?” “Where can we train?“ and ”Wow, that is really realistic!”

The positive feedback of the surgeons was super encouraging and the hard work we preinvested in our product paid off. We were incredibly pleased to watch them educate and train themselves in this fun way.

*(European Federation of National Associations of Orthopedics and Traumatology Congress in Vienna from May 31st to June 2nd 2017)

New bird for AVIA

New bird for AVIA

The AVIA bird is ready to fly out of pixelmolkerei's studio

AVIA gave us a big thumbs up for our character design of their new bird. We created several dynamic poses with this mascot and we had a lot of fun with this red fluffy cutie. They will be on display throughout the year for several different occasions.

Info-Terminal “PIZ” for City of Chur, Switzerland. Design and concept by pixelmolkerei.


 3d Rotation for Suter Racing Website

The Suter MMX 500 is a strictly limited motorcycle, developed and produced by suter racing division, built for skillful hands and appreciating hearts. Now that the beast has been unleashed, they are in progress of building up the manufacturing line.

The pixelmolkerei Team is working on a game
pixelmolkerei's Interactive Hand Motion Controller


Serving Professional Education and Marketing Departments since 2001

We take e-learning and simulation tools to the next level. We recreate the intricate behavior of hospital machinery equipment and surgical trainings on all platforms. Our products are ideal for training medical students and professionals. For a better immersion and precision, our projects include entire surgical procedures in Virtual and Augmented Reality. Users from all over the world can join in the virtual space and train together.

We make your products come alive. Innovators from the scientific field find our skills invaluable when it comes to visualizing the effects of medication, processes like liquid crystal technology, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and sensor technologies. Our services include building anatomically-precise CGI animations of complex surgical procedures in 3D for customers such as J&J Medical Device, Hamilton Medical, Medela Health- & Breast Care, and Straumann Institute and many more.

Located in the Swiss Alps and growing strong since 2001, our team is made of highly-trained experts in a wide variety of fields. We work together as 3D specialists, game designers, software developers and video & post production professionals to deliver exceptional products that leave a lasting impression on a global audience.

Pixelmolkerei means “pixel dairy” in German. Just like milk is used to make delicious cheese, fresh yogurt and creamy chocolate, we use your 3d data as a base for all our unique products.

We invite you to take a deeper look at our website or contact us directly: we are always eager to bring your vision to life.

Our passion to create your vision...

3D Expertise

Visualization. We turn abstract concept, sketches, or datasets into easily understandable, high-definition renders or 3D animations.

Knowledge. Our deep understanding of the medical field workflow allows us to handle your projects with ease, efficiency, and precision.

Unique Design. Our creative staff can incorporate their sleek art style into your corporate design to achieve a truly unique look.

Your Product Alive
Virtual Reality

Hands-on Experience. When it comes to learning, nothing yields better results than personal experience. Step into the world of Virtual Reality, and allow your customers to perform the most complex processes with their own two hands.

Opportunity. There has never been a better time to invest in Virtual Reality. Stand out by adding these powerful tools to your selection of products. We support all available off-the-shelf VR & AR devices, such as HTC Vive, Oculus, HoloLens, Samsung and more.

Your Product In Space
Augmented Reality

Enhanced Support. Closer to real-life training, Augmented Reality enhances learning experiences, adds to your presentation, and makes for a fantastic visualization tool in the real world.

Evolving Market: Our pixelmolkerei tech nerds are constantly trying out new AR devices and building new prototypes. Every generation delivers greater possibilities, and it is our responsibility to keep up with those changes. Starting from the first HoloLens, we are ready to support any released AR device that money can buy.

Hands On
Mixed Reality Simulators

Hands on. Combining both VR and AR for the best immersion, Mixed Reality makes sense when there is a great need to recreate haptic feedback. We have already built several medical Mixed Reality simulators, where you can operate directly on a model and see what happens on screen. It is perfect for hands-on training and our customers expect a significant cost reduction for wet or porcine labs.

Perfect pitch. Mixed reality is the best way to experience the real thing without having to deal with high effort and costs involved.

Show your Devices
Application Development and Simulators

Custom-Made. All companies have custom applications to improve their workflow and efficiency. No matter how specific your problem is, we will find a solution tailored to your needs.

Your programming is our programming. Our programming experts implement your original programming of hospital machinery equipment on a portable simulator. Operate and train your experts on a tablet, mobile device or via website. Your training device is always updated and ready to use anywhere, anytime. Best-trained customers you can imagine.

Design in Motion

We record movement of objects or people with motion-capture suits and use it to build virtual reality scenes, models and custom 3D animations.

360° View
360-degree video recording

Look over a surgeon’s shoulder and follow every single step of any surgical technique. Stand in New York, atop the tallest mountain in Switzerland, or on the beaches of Hawaii in seconds. Your VR glasses come with a deluxe audio set, just so you can hear the faintest of sounds as if you were there.

Full Service Production
In-house Studio and postproduction

Full Production. Our team specializes in surgeries in OR, testimonials, interviews, lectures and company inner workings. We can handle actor and location selection as well as storyboarding, subtitles, crew, catering, editing, sound, and voice overs in multiple languages.

Post Production. A professional-looking video can greatly enhance the way your message gets delivered. You can expect the highest quality of polish from our hard-working specialists.


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Our powerfull team

Teamwork is what is important

CEO / Marketing

" ... is there any chocolate left in the fridge?"

Lead Artist / TD

"If you can’t make it good, make it 3D"

3D Senior Artist

" ... perhaps it tastes better with mayo ..."

DC Programmer

" ... a pixel a day keeps the doctor away ..."

3D Artist

" ik woa gliek mall!"

Directing & Camera

The world is a camera.

junior 3D Artist

Rhino is the best!

Technical Artist / Game Designer / Junior 3D Artist

"Can we do it in Unreal?"

Unity Developer & Game Designer

"The good-looking one." He think's.

Assistant Administration & Management

Sometimes all you need is million dollar.


i like bees

Paul Etienne
Paul Etienne

"...I left my keyboard at home..."


what is unreal?



Client Testimonials

Our animation project with Thorsten was a great example of teamwork. Discussion during project meetings was stimulating and productive. Together we were able to take the final result to the next level.

Kurtis Wheeler
Product Manager, International Marketing at Mathys Medical

We have been working with Pixelmolkerei on multiple projects. This young and dynamic team helps me to stay tuned and innovate with my communication tools. It is extremely joyful to work with them as they are fast learners, extremely customer oriented and at the same time very familiar with the Medical Device Industry.

Meret Labhart
Group Marketing Manager Hip & Pelvis & Pediatric & Sales Training, Trauma EMEA, Synthes GmbH Switzerland

Das Team um Thorsten ist offen, herzlich und hoch professionell, die Zusammenarbeit intuitiv und äußerst produktiv. Wir sind begeistert über die Qualität, die dieses Team als Kreativpartner abliefert. Vielen Dank dafür.

Annett Backert
Product Manager Traumatology, aap Implantate AG

Professionell, kompetent, flexibel, kreativ und zuverlässig – Diese Eigenschaften machen das gesamte pixelmolkerei Team zu einem tollen Projektpartner. Wir haben es ausserordentlich geschätzt, dass das Team stets mitdenkt und eigene Ideen einbringt. Die partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit hat Spass gemacht und wir sind mit dem Endresultat sehr zufrieden.

Cathérine Voltz
Marketing Communications Manager, Medela AG

Working with Thorsten and his Team is great! They quickly understood our needs and came up with a draft concept timely. Based on that, we were able to develop a strong product story step-by-step, while Thorsten permanently brought in important grapic and design aspects. I enjoyed working with Pixelmolkerei, because these guys really have a profound knowledge, they listened to me and my needs and they do have an exciting and fresh mindset.

Marco Mueller
Key Account Manager at Medmix

This a remarkable animation production company. The quality of their animations, their level of professionalism, and commitment to excellence is unbeatable. It has been a delightful experience on all levels to work with such a talented group of professionals.

Eduardo D. Rodriguez, MD
Chair, DDS Hansjorg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery

Uns überzeugt immer wieder die unkomplizierte, Zusammenarbeit, dass wir als Kunde verstanden werden und uns auf die Leistungen verlassen können Das ist für mich Proven Productivity.

Mario Graber
Project Manager Marketing Communication, Bossard Sales & Marketing

In enger Zusammenarbeit mit Pixelmolkerei haben wir das neue Beatmungsgerät spannungsvoll in einem Video (3D-Animation) inszeniert. Die Zusammenarbeit empfanden wir als sehr lösungsorientiert und partnerschaftlich. Das Video war bei unseren Vertriebspartnern ein voller Erfolg.

Alexander Starcevic
Director of Marketing, Hamilton Medical AG

"Die Firma Pixelmolkerei bietet einen hochqualifizierten und technisch einmalig guten Service im Bereiche der 3D Grafik, insbesondere für meine Bedürfnisse im Bereiche des menschlichen Skelettes. Die Umsetzung unserer chirurgischen Ideen und die Bearbeitung der Knochenmodelle, sei es für die Illustration von Operationstechniken, sei es für die Frakturlehre, können eins zu eins umgesetzt werden.

Die Zusammenarbeit und sowie der Service lässt keine Wünsche offen. Für mich ist die Zusammenarbeit mit Pixelmolkerei immer ein Erlebnis und hat auch einen positiven Effekt auf die Gestaltung der eigenen Ideen."

Theddy Slongo, M.D.
Senior Consultant for Paediatric Trauma and Orthopaedics, University Children's Hospital


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